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#10518: Make the post editing form file upload friendly
 Reporter:  mark-k          |        Type:  feature request
   Status:  new             |    Priority:  low            
Milestone:  Future Release  |   Component:  Media          
  Version:  2.8             |    Severity:  minor          
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Comment(by azaozz):

 Yes, there are better ways to handle uploading (perhaps not as simple).

 Replying to [comment:11 Denis-de-Bernardy]:
 > I ask, because I know for a fact that this doesn't:
 > ...
     jQuery(':text').attr('type', 'hidden');

 Yeah, there's no point in trying to set a text field to hidden and the
 otherway round with js. There's no real difference between `type="text"
 style="display: none"` and `type="hidden"` from form functionality point
 of view except that you can show/hide the text field later with js.

 As far as I can see changing the enctype with js works since it's checked
 when the form is submitted not when the page is loading.

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