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#7075: Issues with translating plugins
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 There is a bug in that part of the implementation of #6938

 The fix for it is here http://trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/6938
 /load_plugin_textdomain-fix.patch but not yet applied to trunk.

 After that fix, the behaviour will be more like before, but not exactly...

 If you don't specify the path in load_plugin_textdomain() it will work the
 same as before.

 The difference when you specify the path will be that the path should be
 relative to WP_PLUGIN_DIR.

 So for a plugin located in the standard plugin directory "wp-
 content/plugins/foo/foo.php" with language files at "wp-
 content/plugins/foo/lang" and a domain of "foo-domain" you would do

 load_plugin_textdomain( 'foo-domain', dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)) .
 '/lang' );

 Remember, this relies on that patch being applied to trunk.

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