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#7075: Issues with translating plugins
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Comment (by DD32):

 This would've been a change from #6938 i think.

 > I'm very sure that it always was "wp-content/plugins/my-plugin". But it
 stopped working at some time.
 Hm.. I'm not sure.[[BR]]
 I've been using this myself previously:
 load_plugin_textdomain('add-from-server', PLUGINDIR . '/' .
 dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)) . '/langs/');
 However that no longer works it seems, This does:
 load_plugin_textdomain('add-from-server', WP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/' .
 dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)) . '/langs/');

 Not sure why this is.. The changes mentioned in the ticket i referenced to
 does not affect it from what i can see.

 As a side note, While testing the languages, i used: {{{define ('WPLANG',
 'de');}}} however, to get the translation to kick in, this time i had to
 use: {{{define ('WPLANG', 'de_de');}}}, Is that normal and i'm remembering

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