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#3794: Generate post_title based on post_content
 Reporter:  Justinsomnia  |        Owner:  markjaquith
     Type:  enhancement   |       Status:  assigned   
 Priority:  normal        |    Milestone:  2.2        
Component:  General       |      Version:  2.1        
 Severity:  normal        |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  has-patch     |  
Comment (by Justinsomnia):

 majelbstoat, I do like your idea of more configurable auto-generated

 In that spirit, I dug a little deeper into filters (I hadn't written any
 plugins using them) so I didn't know well enough what I could or could not
 do with them. My hunch, that the save_pre filters are atomic and thus one
 value (the content) can not affect another (the title), turned out to be
 true. Actually given the order of the filters I could store the content as
 a global variable or an instance variable, but this depends heavily on the
 order of the filters.

 So I set out to add the filter (actually two) that I've always wanted, one
 that has access to all attributes of a post and differentiates between
 publishing and just saving. I called these filters {{{post_publish_pre}}}
 and {{{post_save_pre}}} respectively, they happen very early on in the
 {{{wp_insert_post()}}} method because of the use of {{{extract()}}} early
 on, and they pass the entire {{{$postarr}}} array along to the filter

 See attachment:ticket:3794:post.php.diff for the diff and
 attachment:ticket:3794:title-auto-generation.php as a proof of concept
 plugin that implements the {{{generate_title_from_content()}}} function
 from my previous diff using these new filters.

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