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#3406: Use HTML4 instead of XHTML1
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 Given the understandable concerns about breaking existing templates, how
 about just giving authors the option of either emitting pseudo-XHTML tag
 soup or the option of switching to HTML 4 by introducing an HTML 4 mode
 into WordPress? What exactly would be the downside of that?

 Better yet, if you want to step boldly into the XHTML future, you could do
 it properly by serializing to HTML 4 or XHTML served as
 application/xhtml+xml depending on the Accept header. I suggest a
 reasonable method of content negotiation using the Accept header at:


 At the very least, you should start serving XHTML with the correct MIME
 type of application/xhtml+xml to supporting user agents. This is what the
 authors of Appendix C intended, not that you should continue to inflict
 tag soup on all comers. You'll lose incremental rendering in Firefox, but
 that's a small price to pay for progress isn't it? If it forces you to
 impose better checks on validity and conformance, so much the better.

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