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#3406: Use HTML4 instead of XHTML1
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Comment (by benjaminhawkeslewis):


 A couple points about this. First, XHTML conformance is not a matter of
 mere validity and, second, I suspect Lachlan regards XHTML 1.0 served as
 text/html as tag soup since it has no specified handling beyond browsers
 copying each others’ error recovery (see RFC 2854).

 I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that
 [http://www.viper007bond.com www.viper007bond.com] is one of your
 WordPress sites? One of the things I’ve learned when dealing with  tag
 soup systems is to never judging a site’s validity by its homepage. And
 sure enough, if we visit your
 penultimate post] we find it fails validation with two errors. If you were
 serving that page as application/xhtml+xml, so that Firefox used its XHTML
 parser rather than its tag soup parser, you’d see a yellow screen of death
 instead of your page because your tags are mismatched.

 It doesn’t reflect especially poorly on you that this happens (and I don’t
 claim to be any paragon of marking up myself). It’s a natural consequence
 of the fact that WordPress is not designed from the ground-up to emit
 valid XHTML, but instead to belt out broken markup that mostly renders
 okay thanks to browsers’ forgiving error handling.


 Most (if not all) WordPress blogs would break very visibly, just like
 Viper007Bond’s, if they were served as application/xhtml+xml, forcing
 browsers to use XML parsing rather than tag soup parsing. Indeed our
 ability to serve XHTML as text/html at all depends on browsers being
 “crappy” and “non-standards-compliant”, since if they had complied with
 the HTML specification they would interpret minimized XHTML tags ending />
 as really ending at the / and print the > as part of the text content, due
 the SGML declaration for HTML 4.

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