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Tue Feb 21 23:39:49 UTC 2023

#6783: Remove or replace "(blessed)" from the "Task" ticket type label
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Comment (by azaozz):

 Replying to [comment:4 dd32]:
 > I'm surprised at the level of religiousness documented as the
 description of it

 I was quite surprised too but seems (even just in English) the meaning is
 way off from what I expected.

 > I'm not 100% familiar with how the `task` label is used today, but
 looking at the
 list of open tasks on core.trac] and
 meta.trac] the majority seem to be enhancements/bugs/todo-list items, but
 then there's some like `Prepare for PHP 8.2` which are both enhancements
 and bugs at the same time, but something that just needs to happen, and
 thus, is a task.

 Currently the `task` ticket type is used for two different things:
 - For tickets that are "tasks", not bugs and not enhancements, or a bit of
 both. `Prepare for PHP 8.2` is a good example. These tasks usually run for
 longer time and are not milestone dependent.
 - To extend the feature freeze deadline for specific enhancement past beta
 1. This relies on the "not milestone dependent" status of tasks and used
 to be a rare exception. Recently many enhancements coming from Gutenberg
 are marked as tasks just before beta 1. This doesn't seem as the "proper"
 use of this ticket type. Hopefully this will change soon (made a proposal
 to change it: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2023/02/18/proposal-updates-

 > It feels to me, that we could simply drop the `(blessed)` suffix and get
 the same meaning. As non-gardeners can no longer select it, we don't need
 to deal with bug reporters selecting it as we once did

 Dropping it sounds good.

 > (which is I think why it was added in the first place maybe?)

 Yep, think this was the reason too, but can't remember exactly.

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