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Mon Feb 20 00:38:29 UTC 2023

#6783: Remove or replace "(blessed)" from the "Task" ticket type label
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Comment (by dd32):

 I'm surprised at the level of religiousness documented as the description
 of it, because as a non-religious person the meaning of the word has
 always been this one to me:

 6. approval or good wishes:
    The proposed law had the blessing of the governor.
 (With blessed being the noun of blessing)

 It's worth noting that `task` is specifically excluded from non-bug-
 gardeners being able to select it, so to change the text the only is only
 to convey the "internal meaning" (task/defect) into something others
 understand (thing-we-need-to-do/bug).

 In that spirit, while the explanation could be changed to `approved`,
 `authorised`, etc those convey some kind of process that the ticket has
 gone through that otherwise doesn't exist (ie. Does that mean an
 enhancement is not approved/authorised?).

 I'm not 100% familiar with how the `task` label is used today, but looking
 at the
 list of open tasks on core.trac] and
 meta.trac] the majority seem to be enhancements/bugs/todo-list items, but
 then there's some like `Prepare for PHP 8.2` which are both enhancements
 and bugs at the same time, but something that just needs to happen, and
 thus, is a task.

 It feels to me, that we could simply drop the `(blessed)` suffix and get
 the same meaning. As non-gardeners can no longer select it, we don't need
 to deal with bug reporters selecting it as we once did (which is I think
 why it was added in the first place maybe?)

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