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#6418: Append a "Read reply by author" link if there is one on the review overview
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Comment (by ReneHermi):

 Hi @sterndata

 thanks for your valueable input on this.

 Let me explain this more. Maybe I did not explain it good enough what the
 problem is.

 If a user opens the big prominent Review tab on the top of the page
 https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/#reviews he will not see that
 there is a reply to a review. (It does not matter if this reply is by
 another user or by an author).

 It's not intuitive to click on these review title to get more information.
 Even if a user knows that he can click on a title to get more information
 he has to click on all titles to eventually see there is a author reply.
 That's a bad user experience but usually people will only read the full
 reviews and then will leave that page without any further clicking because
 its noit obvious there is more information hidden behind the titles.

 > etc are in the eyes of the beholder and giving them special treatment is
 also unnecessary

 I don't think this is giving any special treatment. It's just showing a
 potential new user of a plugin that there is a reply that could contain
 interesting extra information about a review.

 > On a page like https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-staging/reviews/,
 I'm OK with "flagging" an author ID on the right with the same orange

 Good catch! That's another spot where a "Read reply" link would be useful
 or a flag that indicates there is more to read. But not that much as in my
 first example because the forum list does not show the full reviews
 instead of only the title. So its much more likey here that a user will
 click here on that review title to read the rest of the review including
 any potential replies by other users or authors.


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