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#6330: Give some priority to Block themes(FSE themes) in the WordPress themes
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Comment (by rfletcher73):

 Hi there.  A few of my own thought on this subject.

 1. I agree "Block" might be too generic of a term.  Do you think the
 average user who comes to download a theme will know what is meant by that
 term?  Perhaps the name "Block" and a little tooltip next to it to explain
 what it is for average users.

 2. I agree a filter for "Block" (for lack of a better term), "Full Site
 Editing", and "Classic Themes" should all have a place as a link or as a
 filter by these 3 different types of themes.

 3. I would really make sure the "Block" themes and "Full Site Editing"
 themes are really ready for production before we start shining a spotlight
 on them.

 4. @poena "Does it mean that descriptions can never change? Of course
 not." -- you must admit that the response given to @kafleg from @luehrsen
 did seem dismissive.  It seemed like there was an event where 8 people
 decided the term and since they decided it back then, it can't be changed.
 If that is not the case, then let's talk about the "Classic" term and its
 negative implications. The use of that term does imply "old" especially
 when we talk about technology. (Now in some cases, like "New Coke" vs
 "Classic" -- the Classic was way better!)  Most of the time, "old" is not
 considered better.

 Anyway, thank you for letting me join this conversation.

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