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#6330: Give some priority to Block themes(FSE themes) in the WordPress themes
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Comment (by luminuu):

 Replying to [comment:44 ilovewpcom]:
 > **For 7 weeks straight people are just ignoring all the arguments
 brought by @joyously.**
 > "''If block themes are the future and are better and easier, they don't
 need any extra promotion.''"
 > Can anyone reasonably argue against this?
 > And another question: why would my non-FSE themes built for the Block
 Editor be relegated to the "classic themes" category? Why give priority
 specifically to FSE themes, all the while calling them "block" themes? My
 classic themes work perfectly well with blocks. Why create any more
 confusion under the false pretense of making things "easier and clearer"?

 I disagree with this. Block themes are:
 - Fundamentally different.
 - Have their own editing experience, which classic themes don't have. They
 may or may not have some extra settings, but no direct editing experience.
 - Are currently opt-in only. You only get to work with a block theme if
 you actively decide to do so.
 - They may not be considered "easier", because you need to learn about how
 to use them, as I mentioned in my first point, they're fundamentally
 - Classic themes that are optimized for the block editor are great too,
 but they don't enable the user the full potential of Full Site Editing.
 They're the first step in this new direction, so they're great too.
 - However, when people are not able to distinguish what a classic theme
 and a block theme is, when it's all in the same spot and can just be
 filtered through a form that is initially hidden, how are they going to
 learn about this? This topic is about making it easier for people to
 explore the themes and get a better idea of what is currently possible
 with block themes.

 Overall, it will be a long process for every user to learn and adapt the
 new way of working with block themes, and enhancing the visibility on the
 theme directory is one small step towards this goal.

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