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Thu Nov 12 19:31:36 UTC 2020

#5426: Improve the plugin repository's Support tab.
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Comment (by carike):

 > Just because the plugin developers aren't active in the forum does not
 mean there is NO ONE to help. That's literally why they are community

 That is not what I was referring to :)
 There is a lot of friction between the various WordPress stakeholder
 groups - users, developers, moderators, other volunteers, project

 I do not agree with changing the current support tab link to the
 developer's preferred URL - I do not believe developers have the right to
 demand that community support not be accessible.

 I see this proposal as a reasonable compromise. The user gets informed -
 and then has to accept the consequences of their decisions.
 Using the community forums is **not** without consequence. While I am
 really glad that steps are being taken in that area, people are **still**
 getting in trouble at work because we won't delete requested info about
 databases, etc. Plugin / theme developers are really unlikely to refuse to
 delete threads from their own forums - and for the most part they are
 private ticketing systems. There are benefits to both choices.

 When I say that users are not well-served when there is no one to serve
 them, I'm not saying that fewer devs will support in the forums, I'm
 saying that at some point, the friction just gets too much and it isn't
 worth hosting here anymore at all - depriving the community of that code /
 other contributions.

 > If the link breaks, or their domain gets hijacked, we need to yank it.

 Agreed. Developers can refer users to their own sites now though. So,
 instead of editing their sticky, a forum moderator can press a button. All
 good with that.

 > We must have a pause "You are leaving WordPress.org, your user
 account/pwd will no longer work on this next site..." An intermediary
 screen is very helpful here.

 Also good with that, although the accessibility folks will need to have a
 look as well.

 > There also needs to be warnings about common problems. Like "Do not
 provide strangers with admin access to your website or hosting."

 Good with that too. Decision trees ;)

 > People who want to take all our services for nothing are parasitic. I am
 aware it's a harsh word, but if you take and take and take and give
 nothing ... why are you even hosting here?

 There are lots of different ways to contribute to the community. I think
 there are many people that feel that WordPress is somewhat parasitic right
 now. A compromise here can go some ways towards showing good faith and de-
 escalating things.

 When we consider that developers are not required to support their plugins
 / themes here at all, I would personally consider a diversity of GPL code
 a significant contribution in and of itself.

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