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#1218: Create new build (continuous/latest) that updates after each commit
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Comment (by dd32):

 One thought that came up, was that using a `post-commit` hook does mean
 that, say commit [123456] has a fatal error (maybe a missing file?), and
 that's fixed in [123457], there'll be a period of time where the nightly
 release (Which a site may update to) causes a fatal on the site.

 The 'normal' way would be to use a CI/CD pipeline, where either Travis
 builds a "nightly" release and pushes that back over to WordPress.org or
 pings a webhook to say "Revision 1a2b3c4d is a Go! Rebuild the nightly".
 The downside of a webhook however is that we test with `develop.git` but
 build nightlies from `core.svn` so it'd have to convert the githash back
 to a develop.svn commit which would then need to convert that into a
 core.svn commit number. Having Travis build the nightly might be an option

 Another option that's a little more convoluted, would be to rebuild the
 nightly every hour, but `trunk` only rebuilds automatically when Travis
 Master is Green (There might still be some off-by-ones here, or when
 Travis is running behind, etc)

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