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#2596: Support Templates ala Github
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Comment (by xkon):

 Just my 2c since this is really interesting. When I see wp.org as a whole
 (at least as far as I'm concerned and on the pages that I've been hanging
 out :D) everything is consistent on each 'section'.

 So even though I do understand the need of extra input fields etc to
 create a better user experience by `[1]users providing more specific
 information -> [2]to authors being able to create less and more precise
 replies and solve the problem faster etc`. This would bring somewhat of an
 inconsistency and might hit back in the wrong way. I can't even imagine
 myself being in the forums having 3 input fields, then going in a plugin
 having 5 and on another after having 15 because that's the custom template
 that Author decided to upload even if it's for the better.

 Also on the last 2 comments about the the placeholder text mentioned, if I
 see more than 1 bullet point in there and I click to write and that list
 vanishes, I'm lost already... I won't even remember what `2.` was after 3
 minutes of trying to explain my problem as I'm focusing on my issue and
 not what the holder was telling me.

 One idea of 'combining' both things ( if that's possible ) would be for
 the plugin authors to be able to alter (or extend even) the `notice area`
 that is right above the form.

 If that's possible:
 * There's no UI/UX difference between support forums + plugin forums.
 * The user will always be able to see what the Authors want as a
 'standard' reply to help faster.
 * If the user wants he can still avoid everything and just proceed on
 mumbling on whatever he likes without interference.
 * Everything is still on a consistent 'theme' of having the same form
 everywhere with 1 notice above. No frustration, no confusion whatsoever.

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