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#3972: Lack of clarity re: various documentation portals
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 Firstly thanks to all the volunteers who donate their time to improving
 official WordPress documentation, instead of merely posting tips on
 private blogs to drive traffic, etc.

 Since this affects all areas of the WordPress.org domain and beyond, a
 Trac ticket seemed appropriate.

 Browsing thru the last few years of [https://make.wordpress.org/docs/
 Make/Docs], users encounter several terms:

 * Codex
 * Developer Resources
 * Function Reference a.k.a. Code Reference
 * HelpHub
 * DevHub
 * Inline Docs
 * Gutenberg Handbook
 * Support Articles
 * Support Forum
 * etc

 After reading thru the past few years of posts, along with
 [https://codex.wordpress.org Codex] and [https://developer.wordpress.org
 Developer] subdomains, it is impossible to determine which "portal" is

 The Codex subdomain further [https://archive.fo/DztVC confuses things]
 with a callout:

   "Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new
 WordPress Code Reference!"

 Should developers no longer be contributing to the Codex subdomain (Wiki)?

 If so, perhaps the current callout should be better worded. Or, perhaps
 editing should be turned off in the Codex altogether at this point.
 Ultimately, all the terminology and messaging lacks clarity and direction.

 Perhaps a more detailed callout? E.g.

   We are in the process of merging the Codex portal into our new
 [https://dev.wordpress.org Dev] portal. Any contributions you make here
 will be safely copied into the new portal in the near future. If you would
 like to post a question about WordPress, please visit our
 [https://wordpress.org/support/ Support Forum] to receive additional help
 from our community. Developers who are interested in following our
 documentation efforts may also connect with our
 [https://make.wordpress.org/docs/ Make/Docs] team as well.

 P.S. for the record, Codex ranks extremely well on Google already... is
 the content simply going to be copied over to the Developer subdomain
 instead, and edited solely by Admins (no more public contributions)? If
 so, that's kinda sad, and will result in a big loss in contributions, not
 to mention constantly outdated content...

 In any regard, if the final unified portal (hopefully there is only one)
 is going to be called "DevHub" than a subdomain like "dev.wordpress.org"
 might make more sense (and better URLs/SEO)...

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