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#1692: Plugin search quality improvements
 Reporter:  tellyworth                           |       Owner:  tellyworth
     Type:  enhancement                          |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                               |   Milestone:  Plugin
Component:  Plugin Directory                     |  Directory v3.0
 Keywords:  dev-feedback needs-docs 2nd-opinion  |  Resolution:
  needs-testing                                  |

Comment (by rglennnall):

 Replying to [comment:117 Ipstenu]:
 > Your sarcasm came on a bit strong there, @rglennnall - Can you please
 scale it back a bit?
 > We're not the normal users. We know how things work (like the perfectly
 valid reasons not to update code). Which is why I stress we do need to
 downgrade. Usage doesn't actually indicate all that much either. I know a
 couple well used, by a LOT of people, plugins that aren't upgraded often
 (if at all) and can be hit or miss because they stop being compatible with
 other plugins and themes.
 > Basically, the tested-up-to is the only metric I can think of that
 indicates the developer is around and testing in a reasonable timeframe.
 > If there's a more reliable one, I'd love to hear it.

 Warn't a sarcastic word in my reply, Mika. Meant every word of it. I was
 ''agreeing'' with you.

 I may have been a little melodramatic in my description of NINE year old
 plugins, but they really are frustrating to no end to encounter when one
 is actually seeking to solve an important need.

 as well, I complimented you hard-working guys in my reply to dd32.

 I totally realize you guys have your hands full. major balancing act
 making this search work properly.

 Ya'll have my respect. I was just agreeing with you. that's why I closed
 my comment with a smiley face.

 sorry you misunderstood.

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