[wp-hackers] WP internal cache?

Tim Kissane tim at timbury.net
Sun Mar 30 17:28:35 GMT 2008


Thanks for the quick reply. I had the wp-cache plugin
installed, but de-activated. Unfortunately, the plugin's
admin interface failed to actually change 'true' to 'false'
in wp-config.php. Thanks for saving me from tearing out
the little hair I have left! :)


Johannes Ruthenberg wrote:
> Hi Tim!
> Tim Kissane wrote on 30.03.2008 16:34:
>> I must be missing something very basic here.
>> WP is installed on my server (linux/apache/mysql/php).
>> I'm editing php theme files using vi on linux via ssh.
>> I make a change in the file and nothing shows in the
>> browser (Firefox2 & 3, Opera9).
> Generally, it's easy to get in the wrong directory on the server since 
> the default and classic theme folders usually are there, too. So you 
> want to make sure that you are editing the right file. ;-)
> The only other thing I can think of is the sidebar. If you are using 
> widgets, changes to the sidebar.php probably won't show up on the 
> page. But h1 doesn't look like the sidebar...
> Any caching of the whole page, I think, would have to be enabled by 
> you. Either via a plugin or in the wp-config.php (!?). So these are 
> the places that you could check if any caching is used. Apart from 
> that... Any kind of proxy server involved?!
> Bye,
> Johannes

Tim Kissane
Timbury Computer Services
"More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than in the name of rebellion." -- CP Snow

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