[wp-hackers] Got a question for you all

Shelly at Foolish Visions shelly at foolishvisions.com
Tue Mar 25 17:13:14 GMT 2008

 >>Perhaps your (boss's) interests would be best served by taking a 
different approach on this matter?<<


That's why I was asking first.  We're already considering other options. 
  But if WP can do it, and it's already in place, then why not use it? 
That's the approach we are taking.  If it doesn't work, then it doesn't, 
and we'll pursue the other options we already have in mind.  But the 
point of the question (as stated) was to see if it's possible in 
WordPress.  We already understand it's not our only option.

Which, by the way - thanks to everyone for your replies.  A couple of 
them look like they will actually work very well - we're trying them out 
right now :)


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