[wp-hackers] Plugin license question

Paolo Tresso / Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon Mar 24 18:49:58 GMT 2008

> Personally, I think linking back to the author's site is ok *if*  
> there's an option to disable it. On some sites it won't be  
> appropriate, and so it should be easy to disable.

Some plugins have it (like podpress and wp-super-cache); some are  
disabled by default (the second one), some are enabled (podpress), but  
you can disable it.

Also, if you are really sure you haven't anything that requires  
wp_footer() in your theme you can wipe out that tag and stop the  
issue. Or hack the plugin and remove the footer call or whatever else.

As a plugin author, I choose to have my backlink in every *admin* page  
that my plugin creates. I make them because I always hope that someone  
will put 2 cents on my paypal (and this still doesn't happen) *and*  
because I feel that I have the right to tell people using my plugins  
that I have worked on it several hours, but I won't link in the theme  
footer because it's not my website, and if every plugins do a  
wp_footer add with its credits I'll have a 30-lines footer, which is  

Shortly: wipe out that link, send some money to the author and explain  
that you don't like the wp_footer call. Maybe they'll listen you. But  
send some money before telling it, this way maybe it will work ! :-)


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