[wp-hackers] Linked-out hack

Sumesh Premraj sumeshpremraj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 13:06:13 GMT 2008

I have made a bit of PHP code to pull data(url, linktext and nofollow) from
custom fields to display as a link in my link-out post. Think of it as
something similar to Engadget's "Read" link at the end of every post. Only,
in this one, I've included a php if check to run the rest of the code if
there is data in custom fields (meaning if the current post is a link-out
post). I put the code as linked.php in theme folder. It works properly on
the blog.

What I need, is a way to include this in the RSS feed. I'd prefer not to
have any plugins for optimization reasons, even if that means longer

Thanks in advance,

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