[wp-hackers] WordPress Tests: Automated Hourly Test Runs

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Tue Mar 18 17:17:47 GMT 2008

I've finally gotten around my hosts server issues and was able to get 
all of the unit tests to run correctly. It is a fun little site to see 
how many tests passed, how many failed, and how many errors there were, 
except not in that order.

Green = Tests that Passed
Yellow = Errors
Red = Tests that failed

The tests run hourly, but takes about 30 minutes to complete, so look 
for it every hour and a half. There is one other feature I've yet to 
implement and I have to get the Tests working for WordPress Mu, (Which 
will probably involve manually including the tests classes that are 
known to work, however probably should just skip those, so that I don't 
have to update the system when WordPress Mu 1.5 comes out).

Let me know what you think. You can't get the results of what tests had 
errors or failed. I might add that later, but I have another project 
that clones this one that will allow you to get that information. I 
think it would be useful, but I'm unsure how much more time that would 
add to the process and I would also have to write something that imports 
that to a database. I find that boring.

http://wordpress.svn.dragonu.net/WPTests - Subversion Code. You won't 
have access to the run-tests folder (hopefully this doesn't mean I can't 
access it either. Meh, Can always add Allow directive later.)

Requires PHP5, host that allows running of extremely long processes. 
Also requires PDO_SQLITE extension be loaded.
You have to set up the cron jobs.
Ignore WordPress2.php and WordPress3.php, they were there for batch 
running of the tests. I might still support that, since it could be 
useful, but it requires that the index be updated again.

http://wptests.dragonu.net - Demo web site. You don't have access to the 
actual WordPress site, which is on trunk and updated hourly also. If you 
want to see the live demo, then it is located somewhere else.

This is only a proof-of-concept and is by no means representative of 
WordPress stability or usability in any way. The current test suite does 
not cover the full code coverage of the WordPress library. Failed tests 
does not necessary mean that WordPress will not run. Some of the failed 
tests are feature requests and does not accurately test the original 
intent or design of the function.

I offer no warranty to the code in WPTests repository and I can not 
offer any support. Use with caution. License is the same original 
WordPress Tests license, since major code portions are derived from the 
Automattic WordPress Tests Suite code base.

Any additions to the testcase needs to be sent to Alex Shiels of 
Automattic. He is pretty good with adding test cases.

Thanks. Finally, you know I've had so many projects bouncing around in 
my head, I was thinking I would go insane. It is nice to finally have 
one partially finished.

Oh yeah, Nikolay, this is what I was talking about, when I said I would 
like something like this on wordpress.org. I do believe that with as 
many tests as the Test Suite has now, that it is worth having an 
automated site.


Jacob Santos

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