[wp-hackers] advice needed about plugin repository

Robert R. Marsh, SJ rmarshsj at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 18 14:30:47 GMT 2008

I have a number of plugin I have created over the years and I would like to
host them in the official repository but I am having some trouble working
out how to structure the plugin files in my own case. I already have two
plugins hosted there with no difficulty but I have four other plugins
(Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and Random Posts) which share
a common code library. Currently I have users upload one folder for each
plugin and one for the shared library. I package four zip files, each with
the two folders in. Now, how do I do something like that with the

If I have two folders under the svn folder how do I stop users manually
doing the usual thing and uploading the single folder which the repository
supplies? Above all with automatic plugin updates now in place how do I get
that process to work? I want to avoid duplicating the library code four

In summary, the folder structure I want is:

	random posts/

Any ideas?

Rob Marsh

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