[wp-hackers] WP and spam

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 04:40:46 GMT 2008

Just curious, but, will there maybe be some type of better spam removal 
process with WP in future? I'm not sure what to do, or what COULD BE 
done to make things better... but here's what I'm dealing with now...

I have the following anti-spam plugins installed and running.

Bad Behavior 2.0.13
CJD Spam Nuke 1.5.3
Spam Karma 2 2.3 rc4 (plus Akismet)

Here's what's going on...Every day, I'm getting spam caught in the 
Manage > Spam section. This of course, being the CJD Spam Nuke plugin... 
Without this, the spam would just build up in the database, making the 
database huge .. if I didn't have that plugin...

Is there SOME way, that these spams caught in the Manage > Spam section, 
could be added to some sort of spam ip address database or whatever... 
to give spammers a blockage or bad script page or denied access of some 
sort, using one of the Bad Behavior / Spam Karma + Akismet plugins?

Like maybe, whatever spams get stuck in the CJD Spam control section.. 
add them to a database of some sort, then one of the other plugins give 
a blockage to them so there's no way they could spam a persons blog 
again... I know this might sound confusing... but it's a shame that 
these spams end up in the database piling up, making the database grow 
in size, because WP doesn't know how to remove it automatically or block 
them from even making spam on the blog...

I'm not sure if these spams are missed by the other two plugins, or 
what. But it sure gets tiresome having to go there to delete spams all 
the time. Yet, it shouldn't be building up in the database either if I 
didn't have that plugin there to use...

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