[wp-hackers] wordpress extend: support link in the readme parser ?

Paolo Tresso / Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Wed Mar 12 15:24:21 GMT 2008

Hi, just a little thing I've realized now: writing a plugin README we  
can define three links, author page, plugin page, and donation link.  
Is it possible to add a fourth link like "support forum"?

This is to avoid support information fragmenting across the web, from  
wordpress forums to each plugin author's comments and/or forum, and so  

I think that being able to point users to our favourite plugin support  
website-or-whatever is a nice feature, and it seems to require little  
work to do (even if I don't know how readme's are processed).

Paolo Tresso (Pixline)
online media developer
techblog: http://pixline.net
skype: pixline

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