[wp-hackers] Blank index.php in wp-content/plugins

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 22:09:32 GMT 2008

I agree with some others, I would just add a blank index.html file to 
those areas, instead of having the blank index.php file. Usually when 
people see an index.html file within sub-folders, they pretty much 
already figure it's a blank file. Especially if it's nested within 
sub-folders of a software where the main files are PHP code based.

Noobs FTP-ing files, browsing through directories might accidentally 
relocate it else where (possibly screwing up their blog some how, by 
maybe putting in the root directory), or even just think it's there for 
a specific reason or function. I know I was like .. "wtf!?" at first, 
until I viewed the source of the file in the FTP client... This was a 
while back though, when first starting to use WordPress, or when they 
first added those files there...

I know it might seem like it's not uniform with the rest of the file(s) 
because it don't have the .php extension on the end of it, but I don't 
see the harm in having an "index.html" file there instead of index.php, 
you already have the readme.html file in the root. Most people will 
figure or know it's a blank file anyway... Well, you'd think anyway. lol!

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