[wp-hackers] Need to activate plugin via plugin. how?

Anirudh Sanjeev anirudh at anirudhsanjeev.org
Mon Mar 3 12:29:59 GMT 2008

I have a plugin that installs other plugins.
The tasks are as follows:
1. My plugin detects the details of this new plugin
2. The new plugin is uploaded to the right directory and automatically

I am currently activating the plugin by directly modifying the
"active_plugins" option, similar to how wordpress does. This is going to be
done with the user's consent of course, but is there any security risk
involved in that?

Also what function does wordpress use to detect details of plugins and
themes, I'm using regular expressions but they're not as good as detecting
the details like wordpress is.

Thanks a lot and have a great day

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