[wp-hackers] Re: Streamlining Includes

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 08:39:04 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> There shouldn't be any broken plugins, since no plugins should be
> including anything within wp-includes/ and if they are, then they are
> already broken regardless of WordPress version. Now wp-admin includes, did
> break some plugins, which depended on the two admin function includes,
> which were broken up and moved elsewhere.

That's true. Sorry about that, I was mixing up the Includes 
folders/files location. The "file call" in a plugin that I had edited 
before WAS the wp-admin/includes...


For example only:

Change this:
include_once (ABSPATH.’/wp-admin/upgrade-functions.php’);

To This:
include_once (ABSPATH.’/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php’);

So you're right Jacob. Thanks for pointing it out. =)

> If a build system were made which combined all of the files in
> wp-includes/ into one, then it would be faster, based off the sources in
> Ryan's post.
> I would only this be done for releases, but developers might become upset
> if they manually update core files. It wouldn't be pretty for any kind of
> development.

I agree with you. I think it'd be nicer to have most of them combined, 
however, it would really become a messy situation. Not to mention 
digging through HUGE amounts of code to "change up" things later down 
road or whatever. I love the "FIND / REPLACE" feature in Notepad2 and 
MetaPad, but, I don't think that'd be a nice thing to do while going 
through THAT MUCH code lmao.

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