[wp-hackers] Re: Streamlining Includes

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Mar 3 08:07:52 GMT 2008

There shouldn't be any broken plugins, since no plugins should be
including anything within wp-includes/ and if they are, then they are
already broken regardless of WordPress version. Now wp-admin includes, did
break some plugins, which depended on the two admin function includes,
which were broken up and moved elsewhere.

If a build system were made which combined all of the files in
wp-includes/ into one, then it would be faster, based off the sources in
Ryan's post.

I would only this be done for releases, but developers might become upset
if they manually update core files. It wouldn't be pretty for any kind of

> Wait, you're all basically talking about "combining" some/all of the
> code from specific files to other files in the wp-includes/ files,
> right? Hmm, I know I voted +1 for this, it does sound like a good
> idea... but, then thought about it again. There might be a ton of
> plugins breaking from this? As is, there are SO many plugins that aren't
> updated to the past few versions of WordPress and the changes that were
> made... Unless of course you get an awesome work-around going or
> something...

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