[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: Integrate WP-cache / WP Super Cache into WordPress

Ronald Heft ron at cavemonkey50.com
Mon Mar 3 01:26:31 GMT 2008

I really appreciate everyone's input. This seems to certainly strike a cord
with everyone.
However, after some consideration, I have decided that I will probably
*not* pursue this project as my Summer of Code project. My reasons are as

- This seems to be a very passionate issue for most people. Everyone has
their opinion as to what method is more important. Some feel we should be
addressing WordPress run on higher end websites (adding support for things
like memcache), while others feel we need to look at running with as little
as possible (loading only the bare minimal code and queries).

- The census appears that instead of putting a band-aid (caching) on a
wound, we should be addressing the real issue, optimization. Unfortunately,
I'm sure if I would be the right person to address optimization. I would
certainly give it my best if I would be working on this over the summer, but
more than likely someone with better experience in that area would do a
better job.

So, yeah, I'm not completely objecting to doing this over the summer, and I
still may if I cannot come up with anything else that people are interested
in, but I would probably be better suited for something else. I feel whoever
tackles the optimization issue should have some background experience in the
area, as most people are looking for some true optimizations, and not some

On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 6:00 PM, Aaron D. Campbell <wp-hackers at ezdispatch.com>

> There has been a lot of discussion regarding changing over to PHP5,
> especially when http://gophp5.org/ started. I believe the decision was
> NOT to require PHP5, but was there any decision as to when the subject
> would be re-addressed?
> Eric Marden wrote:
> >> Lazy Load looks interesting, but I don't know how applicable it would
> >> be to the current WP structure.
> >
> > I thought that might be the case.
> >
> >> It seems to be geared for the
> >> more-heavily object-oriented languages/projects out there where all
> >> the methods are parts of objects in the first place, and objects are
> >> embedded within objects (class members) for a fully OOP, cascaded
> >> development style.
> >
> >
> > Zend_Framework utilizes this quite a bit so I wouldn't say it is a
> > language thing (php's OO shortcomings aside). But the concept of
> > loading when needed, instead of all at once seems to be a good way to
> > cut back on memory usage. The increase in performance from this, as
> > applied to the current WP, is probably debatable, but maybe worth
> > discussing.
> >
> >> In our case, the performance problem isn't with the objects being in
> >> the memory so much as it is the functions to get them....
> >
> > Maybe this is something that might tie in to a broader discussion of
> > re-architecting with PHP5...?
> >
> > -e
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