Moving to PHP5 <<<Re: [wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: Integrate WP-cache / WP Super Cache into WordPress

Eric Marden wp at
Mon Mar 3 01:12:28 GMT 2008

I thought it might be a touchy subject, and didn't mean to have it  
dovetail into the GSoC discussion.

However, it seemed like a logical direction of the discussion... even  
if it might have trailed off topic a bit.

PHP 5 penetration is still ongoing, with even large vendors just know  
starting to support it (case in point, my dedicated server at Media  
Temple just recently started offering a PHP5 version that even I have  
yet to switch to).


On Mar 2, 2008, at 7:15 PM, Jacob Santos wrote:

> I personally would not bring up the issue, because it brings out a  
> lot. I would suspect that since right now, the requirements are  
> 4.3, which offers a lot more functions than 4.2. I don't think that  
> at the moment the debate is a bigger deal.
> I have said I would bring the issue up August 8, 2008, since that  
> is when PHP team is dropping security support. After that, nothing  
> more will be done with PHP4 and they are going to focus on PHP5 and  
> PHP6 only. With that, it would make little sense to still support  
> PHP4, even after the PHP team drops support. The core team might  
> not think the same way and I think that the hints that there might  
> be a switch to PHP5 from at least one core member.
> Whether that will happen this year? Who knows. With what I want to  
> do and from what the projects are, I would leave the debate out of  
> the GSOC discussion. I've learned that it will happen when the core  
> team wants it to happen and not any day sooner. So while I  
> personally would like to see it happen, debating the issue at this  
> point doesn't seem to be worth the time, since it won't go anywhere.
> Aaron D. Campbell wrote:
>> There has been a lot of discussion regarding changing over to  
>> PHP5, especially when started. I believe the  
>> decision was NOT to require PHP5, but was there any decision as to  
>> when the subject would be re-addressed?
>> Eric Marden wrote:
>>>> Lazy Load looks interesting, but I don't know how applicable it  
>>>> would
>>>> be to the current WP structure.
>>> I thought that might be the case.
>>>> It seems to be geared for the
>>>> more-heavily object-oriented languages/projects out there where all
>>>> the methods are parts of objects in the first place, and objects  
>>>> are
>>>> embedded within objects (class members) for a fully OOP, cascaded
>>>> development style.
>>> Zend_Framework utilizes this quite a bit so I wouldn't say it is  
>>> a language thing (php's OO shortcomings aside). But the concept  
>>> of loading when needed, instead of all at once seems to be a good  
>>> way to cut back on memory usage. The increase in performance from  
>>> this, as applied to the current WP, is probably debatable, but  
>>> maybe worth discussing.
>>>> In our case, the performance problem isn't with the objects  
>>>> being in
>>>> the memory so much as it is the functions to get them....
>>> Maybe this is something that might tie in to a broader discussion  
>>> of re-architecting with PHP5...?
>>> -e
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