[wp-hackers] Shared Users Table

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat Mar 1 21:45:36 GMT 2008

Yes, both the users and usersmeta table are shared. Looking at it,  
I'm seeing the various site keys (table prefix) in there with  
capabilities and roles.

However, I'm not sure what is stored there. Looks like a serialized  
object... am I correct? And if that *is* what it is, then I'm  
thinking that I could create something that fires update_usermeta ...  
but since I don't know what I should be storing in the capabilities  
record - which object to create, populate serialize and store -- I'm  
kind of at a loss on how to move forward.

Perhaps I just need to set up an xdebug environment at home (we use  
it at work extensively) and just step thru this process and see what  
I can gleam from it.



On Mar 1, 2008, at 12:59 AM, Aaron Brazell wrote:

> I'm hesitant to give intelligence to another blog network. ;-)
> That said, what's good for the WP community is good for us too. We  
> have a
> different approach than you, as well as WordPRess.com. WP.com takes  
> the MU
> approach. You take the CUSTOM_USER_TABLE approach where we have  
> hundreds of
> single WP installs - actually I see this being a problem at some  
> point but
> it is what it is.
> Without any real experience with using CUSTOM_USER_TABLE, I'd say  
> make sure
> you are sharing CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE as well - that's where your
> capabilities/roles are stored.
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 12:18 AM, Eric Marden <wp at xentek.net> wrote:
>> I have a new blog network that is preparing to launch, and since the
>> number of blogs is relatively low, I decided to go with the shared
>> users table approach as opposed to using WP-MU.
>> My Question is this... what's the best way to get users who register
>> to have a default role of 'subscriber' across all blogs. If they
>> register on one, they are in the table, seen by the other blogs, but
>> have a 'no role on this blog' permission. I'd like them to be set as
>> subscriber automatically.
>> Any help on formulating an approach to this would be great. Any
>> solution I come up with will be shared freely with the WP  
>> community....
>> Alternatively, if I can get some idea on how the permissions are
>> stored in the usermeta table (particularly the capabilities key) I
>> can probably come up with a solution on my own. Again, any insight
>> you can give me will be helpful.
>> I anxiously await your response.
>> Thanks!
>> -e
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