[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal: Integrate WP-cache / WP Super Cache into WordPress

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Mar 1 06:46:56 GMT 2008

Ronald Heft wrote:
> Thanks for the valuable feedback Eric. I agree, this would be an
> excellent opportunity to start fresh with a new caching system. 

I would suggest that within the time frame (and I might want to take 
this in account for my Controller proposal, if it accepted) of three 
months, the probability of you creating a working, complete caching 
system that implements not only an API for other backends, but also an 
API for plugins, as well as providing a solution for different solutions 
would seem optimist.

As someone who has used Zend_Cache, I would think that taking what 
WP_Super_Cache and refactoring it and what is currently in the core or 
another (better) game plan would probably be the best route. If what you 
are actually saying is that you would like to create a new caching 
system from the ground up. I will, in your best interest in mind, advise 
you against this course of action. It is completely possible to continue 
the project after GSOC is over, it is really up to you.

If it was me, I would just as rather create something that can be used 
and be complete within the time frame of the GSOC project. Any project I 
will do, would be finished during that time frame or very close to it. 
I'll say, this proposal has picked up a lot more interest than mine did, 
so you have something here that most likely will have a lot of feedback 
during your project (well, initially at least, interest may fade over time).

> Jacob, I'm right there with you on the complex factor. However, complex
> tasks have to undertaken some time, and I feel this is a project that could
> potentially benefit the WordPress community immensely. 

I think you might have misunderstood the meaning of my statement. I do 
not think complex tasks, projects, or solutions aren't worth doing, I do 
think they are worthy. As a developer, it is one of the highlights of 
programming and development. What is the point of doing something, if 
you gain nothing from it? The purpose of development for me is to learn 
and grow as a developer. It is what has kept me in the WordPress 
community for longer than any other project I've worked on in the past.

It was a compliment and I concede that I don't know enough to even 
imagine creating a working solution. The experience I do have, tells me 
that you have a long and difficult road ahead of you. That is dependent 
completely on which road you take. My solutions usually involve immense 
pain (self-)inflicted upon myself by taking the most difficult path 
imaginable, so I'm biased in my estimations.

I'm under the impression that you want to do this for the GSOC. Am I 
wrong in assuming that to be the case or are you just proposing that a 
student can work on this for the GSOC?


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