[wp-design] Dashboard Version 7 with new Icons

khaled Abou Alfa brokenkode at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 09:24:41 GMT 2006

pssst, Chris, green really won't work here :). I actually tried putting some
green but I don't think it will fly in this case... but you're welcome to
prove me wrong :).

Are we talking the on/hover it appears inman trick? That would be pretty

I'm still messing with the icons, although I really like some of the icons
you and Mike have been using on k2, do you think it's appropriate for the
admin section? Should be looking in that direction as well?

On 2/19/06, Chris Davis <chrisdmitri at gmail.com> wrote:
> As scary as this sounds, I am really digging this iteration.  I
> especially love having the WordPress News hidden, but available.
> If we want it I have a reverse engineered bit of code that replicates
> inman's js show hide thingy that we could use for that.
> Your gonna love me, but I think the update available should be
> green... I might take a stab at making some quick edits to this, or
> maybe I won't :)
> I really like the icons by the way, I was worried about that honestly.
> Lickable, colorful icons would not do well in this layout methinks.
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