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khaled Abou Alfa brokenkode at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 02:27:13 GMT 2006

Yeah I hear you completely. However I honestly think that the way this is
going to go down is this. We'll all keep at these mockups. You and Joshua
will code the bastard up and then we pass it off to Ryan and Matt. It's
effectively in their court and it's a project that we've all been working on
and off for the better part of a year now. When it's done it will be
something everyone will be proud of (I hope) and will be something that we
can look back on as a defining moment for wordpress.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome by everyone (remember moving the
welcome back partner underneath the Title, that's because you pointed out
with your example of the long names for blogs). My point is that by the end
of this, everyone will have contributed to this and the points and who did
what will not matter. All that matters is that we sort it out and get it out
of our hands. We've all got plenty of other things to get on with :).

On 2/4/06, Chris Davis <chrisdmitri at gmail.com> wrote:
> I certainly wasn't meaning to assign blame anywhere, just point out
> facts.  Khaled, while it is good to hear that Joshua and I are still
> valuable members of the team, I didn't know anything about Matt's
> problems until now.
> Matt tends to go and do what he wants, and we find out about it later
> (we being mainly me I guess since I have been hit broadside by most of
> the times that our ideas have found their way into WP).
> I really don't have much of a problem with Matt operating that way,
> other than the lack of transparency can get annoying from time to time
> :)
> Bottom line is I don't know what I have to offer at this point.  Know
> what I mean?
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