[wp-design] Further Progress

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Sat Feb 4 17:14:59 GMT 2006

I sort of feel like I'm the one being blamed here, and with good reason. 
The last thing I did on Shuttle was the plugins page, an ultra quick 
mockup -- and that was on Khaleds note.

I will be honest: I've prioritized elsewhere. I'm doing pretty much the 
exact same thing as Shuttle for my day job, which is in crunch mode atm, 
and somehow I just can't get myself to repeat it when I come home. So my 
priorities are elsewhere, sorry about that.

If this is a problem, then let me know.

I would like to point out, however, that I AM following all discussions 
and screenshots. If there's anything that tickles me the wrong way I 
will shout out. So except for my having stuff to do elsewhere than 
actual Shuttle work, my silence means acceptance.


Michael Heilemann wrote:
> I've been purposefully keeping my hands off of Shuttle for a few weeks
> now, to see just how it would play out. And to be brutally honest I
> need to see someone else pick up the reigns on this; I feel Khaled and
> I really put a lot of time into it last month, and I had perhaps hope
> a little more participation from the rest of you.
> I'm all for this project, but we need a broader participation,
> regardless of whether the things being discussed is in your area of
> expertise or not.
> This isn't an ultimatum. If you're busy with life, that's fine, but
> let the rest of us know so we aren't hoping for something which isn't
> going to come.
> - Mike
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