[wp-design] Further Progress

Bryan Veloso bryan at avalonstar.com
Sat Feb 4 16:11:57 GMT 2006

Well, my feet haven't hit the asphalt. I'm going to step up and work  
on some of this. I'll take a look at shuttle_dash_v6, and see what  
can still be done.
Bryan Veloso

On Feb 4, 2006, at 8:05 AM, Chris Davis wrote:

> Hmmm, well I voiced a concern with shuttle_dash_v6... so I am not sure
> where you are getting your info.
> As for your feelings Mike, I agree completely but I was brought on for
> programming as was Joshua.  Things have now been made clear through
> events not people really, that programming isn't needed (Matt is doing
> it all) and honestly when I have tried to contribute visually it's
> acceptance has been luke warm at best.
> Not really anyone's fault, just the way it is.  I am not sure what the
> solution is, but I am very much open to discussing and being a more
> active party in the design process if it goes somewhere.
> On 2/4/06, Joshua Sigar <jls_online at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I already touched on this when Khaled proposed his
>> "January plan." But here
>> goes again in more detail.
>> The principle is not to wait for anyone. If they don't
>> voice their opinion
>> or propose anything by due time, then they lose their
>> chance. Whatever we,
>> at that time, have is the one that's going to be
>> implemented.
>> The last time we left off with the login page, and as
>> far as I know, it's
>> already finalized and I already implemented that page.
>> Then we moved on to
>> the dashboard, then a long awkward silence, then
>> Khaled showed up with his
>> dashboard v6 on Jan 31st (attached). If by Feb 7th no
>> objection raised and
>> Khaled is happy with it, then dashboard v6 will be
>> implemented. Then we
>> would move on to another page, give it a week
>> (independent of how many
>> people participate), then implement it.
>> ----
>> Joshua
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>>> I've been purposefully keeping my hands off of
>> Shuttle for a
>>> few weeks now, to see just how it would play out.
>> And to be
>>> brutally honest I need to see someone else pick up
>> the reigns
>>> on this; I feel Khaled and I really put a lot of
>> time into it
>>> last month, and I had perhaps hope a little more
>>> participation from the rest of you.
>>> I'm all for this project, but we need a broader
>>> participation, regardless of whether the things
>> being
>>> discussed is in your area of expertise or not.
>>> This isn't an ultimatum. If you're busy with life,
>> that's
>>> fine, but let the rest of us know so we aren't
>> hoping for
>>> something which isn't going to come.
>>> - Mike
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