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Joshua Sigar jls_online at yahoo.com
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>>  Still not sure where to put the introduction piece,...
I prefer the current position (at the beginning top) than what you have in psd, because it will give more room for each row. I'd still like to see the subtle zebra-effect.
Keep in mind that only one styling used for all tables in all admin panels.

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Hey guys,

As we've seen we go through drips and drabs, so lets see what we can do with the plugins page. I'm kinda worried that we won't be integrated in time with the impending 1.6 release, unless the code-fu guys (4 weeks away right?). I think it would be a shame to release version 1.6 and not include some of the stuff we've worked on here. 

Anyway, this is to start the ball rolling, I'm sure everyone's got comments so bring them on. The main difference here that the active and inactive plugins are separated. I think it works better in general. Clearer for the user in general, and more manageable? Still not sure where to put the introduction piece, but maybe we should be styling an information box which can be used in several other locations (static pages is one that comes to mind).

Grab the psd from here:


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