[wp-design] Shuttle Work To-Do list

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon Nov 7 19:10:43 GMT 2005

Khaled Abou Alfa wrote:
> Talking with both Joen and Michael we're all thinking it's time to pull 
> up our socks and get this thing finished. It's the final straight guys 
> so we're nearly there effectively. Thought I'd write down what we still 
> need to do:

It also may be good to take another look at the post screen, we now have 
things like image browser that need some love.

> Okay those are the thoughts so far, and I think we should put a self 
> imposed deadline on this guys, otherwise we'll drag this on, and 
> although this has been a fantastic experience I'd really like to try and 
> get this project completed after a fashion so that we can move on to 
> bigger and badder things, and the dev team can take our mock ups and do 
> their magic. So I propose that we say that the above works, and all 
> tweaks etc are to be completed and handed to Matt and co, by the *Week 
> 4th of December*. That gives us a grand total of 4 weeks. That should be 
> more than enough I think.

We're going to freeze the next version fairly soon, so anything beyond 
purely style changes needs to be in within a week.

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