[wp-design] V9 design, a simpler approach

Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 16:48:22 GMT 2005

I've been waiting for this for a while now :). Been holding off anything 
until I saw what tom foolery you were up to :). I've got a couple of 

1. Icons - First off I think you're right about the whole WordPress icons. 
However I think we might be able to do a bit more with the plus/ minus 
signs. I like the stylised exclamation marks. Hmm lets see if we can 
continue that through. The icons etc could be the circular elements to a 
rather angular design in general.

2. Lime Green - I agree with the ideology here. Green for go, Red for stop. 
Not so sure about the choice of green here, as I kind of like the dark blue 
gradient at the top (previous version), so the colours would have to be 
coordinated, (even though I do like the baby blue colour chosen before, I 
understand why go for green).

3. Borders - Hmm again I see your point here, and even though I like the 
stylised simplicity of nothing, I can't argue with your logic, however we 
could potentially try and go for something a bit funkier maybe? I'll have a 
play around as well now that you've sparked the ideas :).

4. Tabs - See they just really don't work for me. I know both Michael and 
you feel strongly about the tabs, but I think I've got a way for the actual 
single bar to work and for us to distinguish what's active etc. I still 
haven't come up with a good way to highlight the secondary items, but I'm 
sure we can come up with something.

5. Info right at the top - We've been down that road before, and Chris 
pointed out that when Blog titles are large that makes things look less than 
ok if you put the login/logout right next to them. Also it would be good to 
distinguish those buttons as well…

Right feeding the fire, I've just completed this deadline I had looming over 
me so I can devote some more time on this, so your timing is impeccable Joen 

On 6/29/05, Joen Asmussen <joen at noscope.com> wrote:
> I promised a simpler version a while ago. Unfortunately, due to
> stupidity on part of the shared internet admin in my apartment complex,
> I've been without Internet. Combine that with crunch at work, hence the
> delay.
> Attached is a more simplistic approach. Unfortunately since I didn't
> have access to the latest PSD (khaleds?), there may be a few
> regressions. Please ignore those, and ínstead focus on the design. For
> instance, *ignore the logo*, I didn't have access to the latest one.
> * Green background and border for informational messages.
> Not sure I like the colors more than the blue version, but it made sense
> to use green instead of blue.
> * New icon style for informational icons. Notice the smalle "i" icon.
> I personally like the style of having a totally simplistic general
> design, and very stylized icons littered here and there.
> * Framed "drag/drop" collapsible boxes. It sort of makes sense so you
> can clearly see just what the box contains, and to see that the box is
> * New "collapse/expand" icons.
> They're not Windows, they're not Mac, they're not Firefox. They're
> Wordpress, and we all know exactly how such icons behave when clicked.
> * Simpler colours.
> Grayscale wordpress nostalgia... although slightly warmer.
> * Simpler tabs.
> Do we really need more than this?
> PSD is available at
> http://www.noscope.com/dump/v9b.zip
> Comments are very much appreciated.
> Joen
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