[wp-design] V9 design, a simpler approach

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Wed Jun 29 10:57:21 GMT 2005

I promised a simpler version a while ago. Unfortunately, due to 
stupidity on part of the shared internet admin in my apartment complex, 
I've been without Internet. Combine that with crunch at work, hence the 

Attached is a more simplistic approach. Unfortunately since I didn't 
have access to the latest PSD (khaleds?), there may be a few 
regressions. Please ignore those, and ínstead focus on the design. For 
instance, *ignore the logo*, I didn't have access to the latest one.

* Green background and border for informational messages.
Not sure I like the colors more than the blue version, but it made sense 
to use green instead of blue.

* New icon style for informational icons. Notice the smalle "i" icon.
I personally like the style of having a totally simplistic general 
design, and very stylized icons littered here and there.

* Framed "drag/drop" collapsible boxes. It sort of makes sense so you 
can clearly see just what the box contains, and to see that the box is 

* New "collapse/expand" icons.
They're not Windows, they're not Mac, they're not Firefox. They're 
Wordpress, and we all know exactly how such icons behave when clicked.

* Simpler colours.
Grayscale wordpress nostalgia... although slightly warmer.

* Simpler tabs.
Do we really need more than this?

PSD is available at

Comments are very much appreciated.

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