[wp-design] Where do we go from here.

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Tue Jun 21 07:40:46 GMT 2005

First of all there's always a need for someone to shoot me down when I 
fly too high on this. Heck, I'm even pulling back on one of my own 
previous designs here. We need fresh eyes, thats 1. Secondly, we've only 
touched the Write page. There's issues of rearranging tabs / renaming 
sections not to mention redesigning all the other pages than "Write 
Post". I for one do not think it's a good idea if this is left only to 
designers, seeing as there's a lot of programmers using Wordpress. In 
fact, your rant on the post slug is exactly what pushed (afaik) the 
current design of the write post page, even the JS way to drag/drop 

In other words: if you do have time, I sure could use you on the team.

As for that simple version mockup I was wanting to do, it's coming along 
quite nicely. My focus has been *transition from 1.5 to 1.6 rather than 
total retouching*, something I think is important if we are to really 
get in to this.


Chris Davis wrote:

>Well it seems to me that if Matt is off implementing your mockups,
>there is nothing for Joshua and I to do.
>I was not brought on this project for my design sensabilities, but to
>do some of the development heavy lifting.  If that is not to be the
>case I am not sure what I am here for honestly.
>And please this is not me being hurt, or taking my toys and going
>home, this is just reality.  You three (Joen, Khaled and Mike) have
>driven the visual aspects of Shuttle, so again I am kinda lost to what
>I am actually going to do now... other than rant about the placement
>of the post-slug box.
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