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Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 18:49:26 GMT 2005

I just want to appologise to Joen for not commenting earlier, but as I said 
painful internet connection in Lebanon was not fun, so I refrained from 
commenting then. I understand COMPLETELY how long this must have taken him 
and it's really good work.

First off I'm going to say that when I first saw these part of me said 
'Dammit that bastard stole my idea' :), of course I'd never mentioned that 
idea to anyone so that of course wasn't true :). The idea I'm actually 
refering to is the glass effect. 

When I first saw the previous logo by Jason I thought, yes I can see where 
he's coming from, and I can see why Matt likes it, but there's something 
missing. There's something that it needs to liven it up. Now the glass 
effect can be added and taken off at a later date. It can be updated without 
really taking away from the logo itself. So thoughts about it not lasting 
and looking outdated isn't really founded, in case anyone was thinking this.

As Joen show's in the third iteration it can work flat as well.

However and I think I'll be the one to show these, as much as I think these 
are really well done, I can understand why Matt wouldn't go for them. He's 
got a distinct idea in his head, and I've actually come to understand which 
direction he's coming from. Whether or not I agree with this direction isn't 
the point, but I can see it, and this iteration doesn't hit that goal.

Having said that there is a lot to like with the above design. I love the 
evolution of something that sticks out of the circle. That can be elaborated 
on. Something that combines the above and the previous design could bring 
about what we're looking for.

Joen would you mind sending the psd for the above logo as well? I want to 
play around with that and the previous psd.

I like the colour combination and I think we should be using these more in 
the actual design of the admin panel as well. We could even bring in a third 
complimentary colour as well, I'll have a play around as well. 

On 5/23/05, Joen Asmussen <joen at noscope.com> wrote:
> Hello List,
> Long time no talk.
> I promised I'd pull my act together last week: better late than never. I
> also promised I wouldn't criticize any other logo designs before I had
> "put myself out in the open" so to speak. It is one thing to criticize
> others, and an entirely different one to take part in the "battle".
> So here are my suggestions. They are based loosely on that "core values"
> discussion we had in the beginning, but more so on those values I've
> learnt as we went along: "the cadillac of blogging systems".
> As such: elegance, simplicity, love.
> Add to that 50% of Denis' logo which I absolutely loved (let there be no
> doubt that this is "open source design", and Denis deserves written and
> spoken credit for this). Attached is the end result. I am not entirely
> happy just yet, and if any of you (Matt in particular) should like the
> direction these logos have taken, I would want to do a round of
> improvements, adjustments here and there (not to mention tracing it in
> Illustrator).
> * Logo 1: Denis' heart concept spelling out "WP". Framed in a stylish
> badge. The dark blue colors communicate stability and sincere quality.
> The typeface (FF Dax) communicates "modern yet traditional".
> A note on the typeface: traditional typefaces are Serif typefaces (with
> feet). Example is the latest logo design. Another attribute of both
> serifs and traditional typefaces is that the weight of the bases of the
> font is heavier on the sides. Look closely at the "o", and you'll see
> that left and right sides of the letter are thicker than top and bottom.
> Combine this with the modern sans-serif and you have a "semi-sans",
> which bears both qualities. I think this works well for Wordpress.
> * Logo 2: Sort of an experiment with the W / heart shape and the P. The
> WordPress logotype is two-color to bear resemblance with the current
> Wordpress Logo.
> * Logo 3: Logo in a simple version.
> * Logo 4: WP logo with a typeface instead.
> * Logo 5: Additional typeface experiment.
> Let me know what you think, and if anyone needs to develop further, I
> can send a PSD.
> Joen
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