[wp-design] Second Draft

Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 02:13:16 GMT 2005

Cool good work Chris, just a few comments

Chris Davis wrote:

>Okay I lied.
>After looking over what I hope was the latest mockup I had some points
>I wanted to address.
>1. Controls or in our case fields, should be grouped together.  So I
>have moved the post slug and password to the top of the right flanking
I'm not completely convinced about this to be honest. The password and 
post slug aren't as used as the status bar. I think moving the status 
bar up does two things, firstly it breaks up the weight of the long 
title input field, and brings the most used of the features to the top. 
It might be a question of me getting used to it is all :).

>2. I have "removed", just hidden really, the author box.  I doubt the
>usefullness of this, I would imagine we don't want to give the users
>the ability to post as someone else, and if we don't then why would we
>list that?  If I am missing something there please enlighten me.
Well, I guess this will be more for something in the future I guess. As 
most wp blogs are one man deals, you're right maybe not now it's not 
useful, in the future that might be another issue.

>3. I am not sure why we thought the ability to delete a post should be
>"advanced" so I moved it up where it is more appropriate.  Having left
>aligned breaks it up from the safer publish and editing buttons, while
>still having its placement make a little more sense.
Completely agree here, good point.

>4. Speaking of editing buttons, I am not sure why the 'save and
>continue editing button' is missing, since that is probably the button
>I use the most, and the one that I gripe about not being on the edit
>page screen the most, so it is back.
Michael elaborated on this." Secondly, it's my opinion that 'save' 
should save the entry in the same way that 'save' in any application 
would, and not 'save and close', which is what it does now. Preferable 
it should save using that XMLHttpthingamabobber, letting the user know 
of a successful save somehow (not a popup box for the love of God!). If 
this is implemented, there should also be a visible indicator of whether 
or not you have saved the entry you are working on yet... I personally 
think we should implement autosave as well, but I'll throw that up for 
discussion. Publish should save, publish and take you to the post 

>5. I have moved send trackbacks to under the advanced area, since
>Trackbacks are evil.  Also since we send pingbacks automagically I
>think they (trackbacks) are more at home in the advanced area.
>6. I have rejiggered the header area, and for the sake of illustration
>changed the title to my title.  I think placing the logout/view site
>bit under the title is a better way to go since as you can see some
>blog titles can be quite long.  I also feel strongly that we should be
>making the admin a little friendlier, I think the inclusion of welcome
>text that displays the currently logged in users name is essential.
I like the reshuffling, and I can see your point. Though like Joen 
mentioned earlier this area is where the WP branding will probably take 
place. It's a pretty important section. I like your idea of making it 
more friendly though :).

>7. And finally I have centered the tab text, I am sure this will not
>be a very popular change, but it was distressing that presentation
>looked centered - due to its width, while all the others did not. 
>Centering them all is the only way to insure some normalcy accross
>those controls.
Again I don't know if the tabs will remain the same exact way. I guess 
trial and error and several options will eventually get us to the best 

>Well anywhoo that is all for now, anything else that I want to tackle
>would be more of a UI visual design and polish angle.
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