[wp-design] Profile experiment

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Thu Feb 17 07:20:59 GMT 2005

The post screen is a pretty difficult place to start as it has so much 
going on and it has also already had several iterations. However the 
profile page is pretty weak and could easily stand from a ton of UI 
improvement. Anyone want to take a crack at a better arrangement for the 
elements on the "your profile" page?

I was thinking moving first/last in larger boxes side by side with the 
labels above, expanding stats and floating it to the right like "blog 
activity" on the dashboard, emphasising the login, grouping the IM stuff 
in fieldset and adding Jabber and removing ICQ, making profile more like 
the post screen field, make the dropdown a set of radio selections, and 
finally moving the password changing to its own form below everything 
else, with xx-large fields there too, side-by-side.

Matt Mullenweg
  http://photomatt.net | http://wordpress.org
http://pingomatic.com | http://cnet.com

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