[wp-design] HTML Comps?

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Wed Feb 16 23:20:20 GMT 2005

Michael Heilemann wrote:

> If I had to do the same sketch using only my favorite browser and text 
> editor combo, it'd take me maybe twice, maybe even three or four times 
> what I can do in Photoshop. And knowing myself, I'd quickly get caught 
> up in making minute adjustments and code layout beautification.

... not to mention the "what if". What if, during the whole 
xhtml'ification, you figure "fuck! This doesn't work! Back to square 
one" (which happens a lot to me) - you've just lost a good 4 hours!

The way I see it, a screenshot mockup is the quickest way to commit the 
mistakes you were going to commit anyway, and learn from them. Some 
things work in your mind, but _not_ on the screen.


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