[wp-design] A Quick Sketch

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Thu Feb 17 07:09:28 GMT 2005

Michael Heilemann wrote:
> Was that a question or...? I copied it directly from a screenshot I had 
> taken, might've been the problem. Can you see this (and Matt, since you 
> might be on mail.app, can you see this):

Tiffs don't work well on PCs, I can't see the attachment unless I open 
it in a separate app. In mail.app, however, it shows up inline.

>>> 4) I think the title should have a much larger font in the input 
>>> box... Makes sense I think :)
>> I can see what you mean. However, this is not a WYSIWYG app, and we 
>> shouldn't kid people into thinking so. I'd rather a uniform size for 
>> all input boxes.
> Grrr. Killing my darlings are we? ;)

I actually really dig larger input for title, and it matches what we do 
with the register/login fields.

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