[wp-design] A Quick Sketch

Michael Heilemann heilemann at mac.com
Thu Feb 17 07:03:44 GMT 2005

Thanks for the comments Joen,

>> Using Joen's PSD file (which almost killed my poor Powerbook!), I 
>> quickly moved around some of the elements (I hope the list can 
>> receive these files) :
> Sorry about that, I guess I'm just spoiled here on my foo-tastic 
> Windows machine. I forgot you were on a mac. Poor you. *hehehee* (I 
> jest of course)

Why you!

>> 2) (sorry for the order of the numbers) First of all, there should be 
>> no difference between the buttons in terms of using bold and what 
>> not. Secondly, it's my opinion that 'save' should save the entry in 
>> the same way that 'save' in any application would, and not 'save and 
>> close', which is what it does now. Preferable it should save using 
>> that XMLHttpthingamabobber, letting the user know of a successful 
>> save somehow (not a popup box for the love of God!). If this is 
>> implemented, there should also be a visible indicator of whether or 
>> not you have saved the entry you are working on yet... I personally 
>> think we should implement autosave as well, but I'll throw that up 
>> for discussion. Publish should save, publish and take you to the post 
>> permalink.
> Totally agree, except for a few things.
> For one, we should be _really_ careful which things we "hide" by 
> default. Sure we can cookie stuff, but by default, it should be 
> optimal. Things that would be obvious to hide, are "timestamp" and 
> "custom fields". However, post status, post slug, at the very least, 
> should be visible by default. I don't mind that we can collapse these, 
> and cookie that setting.

I really don't think the post slug needs to be visible by default. You 
think so? How come?

>> 3) Trackback, time, post slug, custom fields and what not else should 
>> all go in under 'Advanced Options'. Pressing the arrow / link will 
>> unfold it (dynamically of course) and allow you to make the changes 
>> you want.
> I'm all for the idea of hiding stuff, but we should be careful about 
> "mystery meat" navigation. By that I mean, instead of writing 
> "advanced options", and hiding everything under that, we have titles 
> for each hidden element, and dropdowns for each.

I'd like to see a sketch, though in my minds eye that complicates 
things even further...

>> Furthermore, the 'edit time' should have a button that brings up a 
>> calender instead of the current method. Something like this (which I 
>> ripped out of Squarespace):
> couldn't see the sample?

Was that a question or...? I copied it directly from a screenshot I had 
taken, might've been the problem. Can you see this (and Matt, since you 
might be on mail.app, can you see this):

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>> 4) I think the title should have a much larger font in the input 
>> box... Makes sense I think :)
> I can see what you mean. However, this is not a WYSIWYG app, and we 
> shouldn't kid people into thinking so. I'd rather a uniform size for 
> all input boxes.

Grrr. Killing my darlings are we? ;)

>> So anyway, just some quick thoughts. I've cropped off the preview 
>> window because I didn't want to spend time with it, but I do think it 
>> should be there, and I think it should be a) dynamic and 2) support 
>> Markdown and Textile.
> a) If the programmers can do this properly, go for it. However, when 
> writing really long comments, I find that my live preview slows the 
> whole thing down considerably. I'm not sure it's worth it. Plus, it's 
> good to save once in a while, lest you lose what you've written.

Agreed. In regards to your other mail about WP already supporting 
Textile and Markdown; yes it does, but of course it doesn't have 
dynamic preview.

- Mike

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