[wp-design] First Draft

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Wed Feb 16 19:31:34 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

>> The thing that I am most interested in getting up and running as a 
>> concept as soon as possible is the use of 'XMLHttpRequest'. For those 
>> not 'in the know', it's a technique which allows for 'dynamic site 
>> changes'. Flickr makes amazing use of this, as does the live search 
>> that I've implemented on my site (I only hacked it, didn't code the 
>> thing).
> Who needs an admin section, we could just do in-place editing for 
> everything. ;)

Sure, you program it! The sheer thought of tackling that one boggles me :)

But I do like the idea. We should just be careful that we don't suddenly 
have JavaScript support as a critical wp admin system requirement.

> Joen Asmussen wrote:
>> * Logo is now top left, as is "view site" and "log out".
> Seems to use a lot of room, maybe it should be in the right? I think 
> doing these mockups at anything larger 1024x768 is a mistake.

By removing the drop shadow and some of the cruft, the whole top part of 
the admin UI is actually now smaller than it was before. I agree there's 
some... mushy stuff going on with the logo, and I'm very open to 
suggestions. I probably wouldn't even mind right-aligning the logo. My 
main beef was that it was located in the footer, which IMHO it shouldn't be.

As for > 1024x768, I totally agree and I should've communicated this 
more clearly before! The only reason I took such as spacy screenshot is 
that it should scale well (be liquid). Obviously everything should work 
in 800x600.

>> * Font has been changed to Verdana 11 px
> Waaaay too small. Remember people over 35 use WP too. ;)

I won't mind going larger. We could make some text-size controls? Do you 
agree that Sans-serif (Verdana/Arial/Helvetica) is better? I certainly 
think so.

>> * Added "Textarea: larger / smaller". Good?
> It doesn't make sense for the textarea to expand beyond where you 
> could see the quicktags.

Ok, never mind it. It's gone.

>> * Added a yellow square to "publish" buttons. This is where I see 
>> color play a important part, as with the sys msg.
> I didn't even notice this until you mentioned it, if you're trying to 
> emphasis the buttons (which are too small now) perhaps it's too 
> subtle? Overall though when watching people using WP for the first 
> time I've never seen anyone have trouble finding the publish button. 
> Maybe because it's bold?

Indeed. I'm not so sure about that square either. If it's not needed, it 
should go. However, the way of emphasizing buttons does make sense, does 
it not? For instance, there's a page in Wordpress that says "Are you 
sure you want to delete this post?". On a page such as that, I'd like to 
put a similar square (only in red hues) behind the delete button, as 
opposed to just tinting the button itself red (which would break the 
application metaphor).

Noting that you haven't commented on other issues than these, does that 
mean you "approve" of the rest?


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