[wp-design] First Draft

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Feb 16 19:16:55 GMT 2005

Joen Asmussen wrote:
> * Logo is now top left, as is "view site" and "log out".

Seems to use a lot of room, maybe it should be in the right? I think 
doing these mockups at anything larger 1024x768 is a mistake.

> * Font has been changed to Verdana 11 px

Waaaay too small. Remember people over 35 use WP too. ;)

> * Added "Textarea: larger / smaller". Good?

It doesn't make sense for the textarea to expand beyond where you could 
see the quicktags.

> * Added a yellow square to "publish" buttons. This is where I see color 
> play a important part, as with the sys msg.

I didn't even notice this until you mentioned it, if you're trying to 
emphasis the buttons (which are too small now) perhaps it's too subtle? 
Overall though when watching people using WP for the first time I've 
never seen anyone have trouble finding the publish button. Maybe because 
it's bold?

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