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Khaled Abou Alfa khaled.aboualfa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 20:07:31 GMT 2005

No Joen you're not wasted anyone's time. In fact you've been fantastic 
in getting it clearer in my head where we should be heading. I think 
Chris is just wanting to see more action :). The thing is Chris it's a 
bit disjointed because it seems Michael, Joen and myself are a bit 
preoccupied with a few things at the moment.

Having said that all the discussions we've done so far are essential in 
order to get a clearer view of what we want to accomplish and in doing 
so we'll have an admin we're all exceptionally proud of that basically 
puts all else to shame.

I appologise in advance for the lack of quick response I was at work and 
something like this takes me a good 30 minutes to think about and write 
down,...sooo let's get down to it, what have we accomplished and what 
have we agreed upon:

We need to research other blogging tools to see what they do right and 
We need our 'Fifth Element' so to speak. So far Joen's rightly 
identified that we do indeed need to have our fifth element, what shall 
it be?

One idea is that the admin doesn't look like a website, but rather like 
a real application that sits on your desktop. A novel approach, and one 
that could work very well. I'm a lot more keen on this idea the more I 
think about it, as I can start looking into things differently.

I've presented a logo concept/idea which hasn't been commented on. Bear 
in mind that when someone doesn't like something it's OK to say so. It 
would also be useful to determine why it isn't working so that the next 
iteration can be closer to the vision we're aiming for. No one's going 
to hammer a logo first time out the door, that's not how these things 
work (at least not in my experience). Any feedback from anyone and 
everyone is always appreciated/welcome/ needed :). (Update: just read 
the below e-mails erm Joen you got msn? I'm k_a_alfa at hotmail.com.)

We've talked about colour. I know I agree with Joen about his red and 
green information colours. Michael, what's your take on this?

We've talked about icons. Not sure if these are appropriate until we 
start pumping out jpegs to each other of what we think the admin might 
look like. We need to start somewhere and build/rip down from there. 
(That I guess is the next step).

I guess in order to take this forward, Michael, Joen and I need to start 
taking the research we've done, the conversations so far, and elaborate 
on our ideas in the form of some mock ups.I've shared one with Michael 
ages ago before this list was done, needless to say that's not the idea 
I've got in my head now.

I'm going to put a personal deadline for the end of this week to come up 
with something for comments.

Joen Asmussen wrote:

> I agree completely.
> I was going to say this sooner, but I honestly don't think the 
> Wordpress logo is "bad enough" that we start by redesigning that. Feel 
> free to disagree with me, but I'd rather see our collective forces 
> pool together to make the admin interface nicer.
> Should we redesign the logo, I would prefer a simple approach, as in a 
> nice font (logotype), some nice colors, and possibly a logoshape.
> Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>> If you visit the site today you'll see the Valentine's logo Craig 
>> made about a year ago. Whatever we do, it would be nice to still be 
>> able to do themes like this for holidays and events.

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